Why You Need to Watch “Metropolis.”

​The “head” represents our leaders, making the “hand” our society. Remember, the “heart” is between the head and the hand. Two divided classes that collide. Who wants to be the vital “heart” that unites the two?

This is a bold suggestion, Metropolis. Yes, your grandparents may have not even been born when it premiered. Due to the “horror,” the world is witnessing; Metropolis was a film far beyond its time that transcends beyond today’s present issues. Metropolis told people of a different generation who were new to the idea of cinema what the world was going to come to, predicting the future.  

The logline states:

“One powerful city with only two different kinds of people. No one cares. Until a wealthy man goes underground.”


​If you are a fan of fairy tales, then Metropolis is a no-brainer. This is a German film that came out during their depression before WWII which caught the eye of Adolf Hitler because of its subject matter on the social and political change in which is happening not only in the USA right now but exponentially all over the world.

Despite its futuristic setting at the time, audiences drew parallels from the current events from the era, which is the name of the game when it comes to science fiction films, making it the first ever film of its genre. Metropolis represents the current state of our world: a dystopia.

Movies and other mediums of art can tell the future. But, why do we choose to ignore artists like Fritz Lang, Kubrick, Picasso, and even Kanye West? I have always oddly thought that science fiction warns us of the danger that the world may bring us. If mankind still had no clue of the atrocity that was going to come to our world when Metropolis hit theaters, a film that gave us this massive hint, then when are we going to wake up and realize that we need a change from the “negative” to live in a world of positivity? 


Yes, it is old, silent, foreign, black and white- over two hours long and may bore most people in the new sexy “Pokemon Go” culture that we live in. But that is why you should love it.  This is cinema’s most culturally significant film of all time. Everybody should see this film in their lifetime. 

I am not predicting the future, I am telling the future to my readers that if we do not act on the critical issues of our modern world positively; we will be living in the dystopian future that artists have depicted since neanderthal’s scratched paintings in caves. If Adolf Hitler saw this film, realizing the horror that the world was in and attempted to fix it in his radical way, then what I am trying to ask is why do I agree with him on the issue that the world needs to be fixed after viewing Metropolis in 2016? I want to know if anyone else in the world agrees with this notion because if you genuinely watch this film and you do not see the striking parallel’s of a movie from yesteryear with today’s issues, then the world needs a more prominent wake-up call. That is why I know that movies are my calling because if Metropolis cannot make you see the things that I see, then I am going to make a film that makes you realize my vision. But, for now, watch Metropolis.


​Adolf Hitler saw the future through this film and acted radically out of by being a coward because he was frightened of the future. This is why we need to act out of positivity, putting good back into the world. I will not act out of fear because I want to do positive things. Don’t live in this world out of fear.

Be like me, fearless, positive, and a heart full of love.

Forget the head and the hand, be the heart because I will be your heart. I will always be your heart. 

Hence, is why Metropolis is a film that you need to watch on Netflix. After you view this film and if you agree with me then I am asking from the bottom of my heart for you to share this article with everyone.

In conclusion, I want to top things off with a quote from Ice Cube as a message to the world:

“You better check yo self before you wreck yo self.” 

David Zosel
The Cat of Cinema ​

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