30 Ads in 30 Days – Ad 16 – Vanderpump Dogs

Jeremy Carson, a Creative Director based in LA, wrote an article of why you should challenge yourself to make 30 ads in 30 days with 30 different brands. This sounded like a fun challenge. For today, I challenged myself to do a dog adoption ad. I tried to steer away from the status quo of adoption shelters. My goal was to connect people on the truth that no one likes to be put down, and neither do dogs. Most dog shelters try to get dogs in and out as fast as they can, otherwise, they will be put down.  Vanderpump Dogs prides themselves on treating dogs like royalty, keeping a select amount of dogs to stay with them until they are adopted by the right owner who will treat them by Lisa Vanderpump’s standards. Just this year, she has found homes for over a thousand dogs. Here is my take on what she does and how I would advertise her foundation. It is very outside of the box. So, here is ad 16 of 30.



What do you think? I think it can work very well if I could further develop this ad with more than 24 hours. I also don’t think Lisa Vanderpump would like the extreme’s of this ad very much. But, this is what you can do when you are working on your student book. Being crazy, outrageous, and silly are all acceptable. But, in the real world of agency life, your client may either love this or send you back to the drawing board.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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