Vikings acquire Le’veon Bell for a Two Year 30 Million Dollar Contract.

Are you kidding me, Rick Spielman?

You continue to follow our franchise’s history of impulsive decisions. Not only is this impulsive, but it also doesn’t make tactical nor financial sense either. Although Bell is an elite running back in the NFL, he would serve as a significant distraction for our locker room. Bell does not fit the mold of what it means to be a Mike Zimmer Viking. Why? Because Le’Veon Bell is a Mexican restaurant, where you go to order sushi. It doesn’t make any sense.


Kirk Cousins already takes up 15% of our cap space, and not to mention we are already deep at running back. What message does this say to the team? Do we not have faith in Dalvin Cook? He is our guy, and his teammates and the fans stand by him. If Spielman would address our biggest flaw, offensive linemen, Dalvin Cook would easily be a perennial Pro Bowl running back. Le’veon Bell has always had a good line in front of him that suited his running style. Could he do the same for us? Time can only tell. But, if the issues of the offensive line would be fixed, we have a superior back in Dalvin Cook for less than one-third of the price. Again, this is a financial disaster regarding cap space.

Moreover, there is only one type of people that will stick their neck out for you in this world. That is called family. Dalvin Cook is family. Le’veon Bell wants something from us, and that is money. He doesn’t care about winning Super Bowls, he only cares about his payday. The only thing positive side of this move is it prevented the Detroit Lions from signing Bell. This move was impulsive and only made to prevent another Khalil Mack ripple effect for another divisional foe.

Way to go Rick… continue to add mercenaries to our locker room who will be sipping Mai Thai’s counting their cash on a Miami Beach during the offseason, rather than developing a true Viking culture.

If you happened to click on this article and read the whole thing, I just wanted to let you all know that this isn’t real at all. I wrote this article because I used this as a submission for a writing gig. I thought it was fun enough for me to post it on my blog. I hope you enjoyed my die-hard Vikings fandom.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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