The Lost Art of the Phone Call.

Sometimes if I miss someone I will reach out to them by giving them a phone call. That sounds crazy, right? Talking to people on the phone for good conversation seems to be completely outdated as our world’s societal system of communication continues to develop at a faster rate. Therefore, it affects everything.


Messenger Pheidippides, the first ever Marathon runner.

Texting is a cheap way of communicating, and it has slowly become a detriment towards the way humans interact with each other face to face. Typically now when we call someone, it is for favors, questions, demands, and for someone to get the door for the pizza guy.

No one uses doorbells either, and DVD players. What is a CD anyway?

Handwriting a letter seems like a complete fabled folklore now.

Here is something to munch on:

It would have been terrible to have been wealthy as a Roman, Egyptian, or Mongol because if you had a message to give to someone you would have to send a messenger to deliver it.

Yes, you would have a human being run all the way to another human being in order to communicate. That is if you could afford it.



300‘s, King Leonidas, killing the messenger. Don’t kill the messenger.


The greatest example of this is the story of Pheidippides, one of Ancient Greek’s fastest messenger runners, who ran from the battle of Marathon to Athens in order to send the message that the Greek’s had defeated the Persians. After running 26 miles to send the message, he screamed “Nikki” (victory), and then died. Yes, that is the story of why the marathon got its name and why it is 26.2 miles long.

But after many advancements thanks to Samuel Morse, and Alexander Graham Bell, we could finally communicate virtually without using pidgeons or humans. Virtual-Voice-to-Voice communicative interactions between humans were then created and developed throughout the history of mankind.

Now, we don’t even like voice to voice contact now. Facetime, Skype, and many video platforms are now the norm to conversate with people, and I hope that this is the norm from now on. But those mediums are not being used as much as people email, text, and photo share.

But, whatever happened to phone calls?

My Mom says that I never call to talk and that I only call if there are problems or need something. Well, then I say, right back atchya, Mama. Just kidding.

Phone calls are now becoming sentimental, just like receiving a handwritten letter.

I had a friend call me a week or so ago and I hadn’t heard from him in a few years and we spoke for over an hour.



Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone.


It simply made my day.

Occasionally, I’ll randomly call someone. But, I do not do it enough. The world is moving faster, and we simply do not have that kind of consideration for such an outdated concept.

Texting and other forms of communication are taking off not only in terms of efficiency but in technological advancements as well. Now, there is Facetime audio and it sounds way better than the reception on the phone. It is so hard to hear on the phone that it makes it so unbearable to talk. That is a downside, isn’t it?

If the world erased everyone’s phone numbers, and the means of communication through talking on the phone, we would all survive because there are now better, less awkward, and less social anxiety induced ways of communication.

Just like writing letters and postcards, talking on the phone is now replacing those as the symbol of sentimental communication. Due to the evolution of communication, I want to make an effort to call someone every month, no matter how long it has been that I have talked to them for.

Now, calling someone that you are out of touch with is terrifying, sort of like going up to the beautiful girl at the end of the bar and telling her that she is the most beautiful girl that you have ever seen right in front of her three girlfriends. The worst part is that it is over the phone. But, if there is a connection between both parties and if you have time to talk then it always makes a good time. It slows down daily life and brings new perspective catching up with someone that you haven’t heard from in a long time. Moreover, if I were to receive a handwritten letter from my childhood friend Jorge, whom I haven’t seen or heard from in 15 years, then it would make my day. But, in this day and age, a phone call would be just as meaningful.

Our lives are so fast-paced and talking on the phone disrupts that rhythm. Pick up the phone and call someone that you haven’t heard from in a long time. If I knew where I could get a hold of Jorge, then I’d call him right now. But, maybe Reuben in New York City would like to hear from me. So, I’ll give him a call this month.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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