The Importance of Going to Therapy for Mental Health.

Therapists are amazing. Whether it is online therapy or face to face therapy, it is just so important to talk to someone who is professionally trained to listen to your thoughts. Mental health disorder or not, having professional help for life consultation is extremely helpful for the mind and soul.

A lot of people say, “I can tell my mom anything”. Well, no you can’t. Could you muster up the courage to tell your mother about anything seriously disturbing? I don’t really think so. You see, this is why therapists are so important to today’s society where the human brain is now developing at a higher rate than it was 100 years ago.

I see a therapist once a week, and maybe sometimes twice a week. I have been seeing her for close to four years, and she has been a major part of my success towards handling my mental health.

Seeing someone on a weekly basis makes you slow down and recollect your thoughts that you cannot share with others. A lot of people live monotonous lives and need that release from a platform where you can just be yourself. I highly recommend seeing a therapist on a set day of the week and then occasionally seeing that person on another day during that week. This is due to the fact that you are a different person on a Saturday afternoon than you are on an early Monday morning. This way, your therapists can see different sides of you.

I have seen my therapist hungover, on no sleep, drunk, after I smoked some green beans, and basically under any sort of mindset. You name it. I have done this so that she can learn every single little facet of my brain activity. But, this was all by coincidence but the outcome was very productive, as she knows me under all states of mind.

Since I have major trust issues with women, I got a therapist who is a woman. This has really helped me develop trust for the opposite sex in the last four years. She has tracked my cycles, mood swings, and has helped me talk through solving all of my problems. If you are a woman who has trust issues with men, then get a therapist who is a man. That is my two cents on that subject matter. So, take from that and apply it to what your situation is in order to find the right therapist.

There is a misconceived notion that therapists give input and advice due to pop culture’s portrayal of therapists. In Silver Linings Playbook, the therapist is constantly giving Patrick advice. The reality of therapy is that you are being observed versus being advised. When I am in therapy, I talk for about 90% of the time. Five percent of her time is devoted towards interacting with me, two percent is for connecting, and the other two percent is asking questions, and the last percent is about getting feedback and advice. Whereas, the flip side of the coin is that 90% of the time she listens.

My therapist lets me talk the entire time. I always hit a point where I say, “Are there any questions, concerns, thoughts, and advice that you want to bring up”. That is one percent of my therapy sessions. This is the reality of therapy.

I am blessed to be able to afford a therapist. But, there are other options like online therapy. An amazing resource to have your questions answered about therapy and how to begin is an online platform for people to find aid is called

Click this link right here for more information:

Personally, I have many friends who have had great experiences with online therapy. It is easier on your wallet and you can schedule your sessions more conveniently than most other therapists that you see in person.

Most importantly, it is crucial that you are able to trust your therapist. People give up on therapy very easily because we have this idea that they are supposed to fix us. Remember, the only person who can do that is you. These are trained professionals who are there for guidance and support.

Therefore, when you are starting out with your therapist, make sure to give them a chance for a month or two. It is imperative to be patient and to have a good attitude and open mind. If they aren’t working out for you, shop around for another one and start the process all over again. Remember, this is your mental health or personal life issues that you are trying to solve.

Therapy is an investment towards an overall better life, to understand yourself, other people, how the world works, and to create major coping and problem-solving skills to make life a better experience.

Life is a process, and if no one is listening to you then it makes the process very difficult. This is why we should talk to someone who makes everything focused on issues that are about you because we all have a voice that needs to be heard.

You cannot get that from your best friend or your mother.

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-David Zosel 

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