Bouncing Back from Depression.

Depression is a waste of time. It is just a period where we feel hopeless and sorry for ourselves. This is how I find justice when I am depressed. These are a few things that I do in order to bounce back and defeat depression.

Defeating depression is like playing in an NHL or NBA playoff series. But, only in the championship form. Here are very effective techniques, which I discovered are best used to neutralize depression in a week or two.


One week is a seven-day playoff series. If you win four days (games) that means you win the week. In a perfect world you would win on Monday through Thursday in a 4-0 sweep. But, all you need to is win 4 out of 7 days a week. How easy is that?

The key is to “win the day”.

This concept should help you get out of depression immediately. Seriously, do it. You can’t sit inside and feel sorry for yourself.

Get out and face the storm!

First, I want you to do something different this week. If it is successful, then keep doing it. If it isn’t, well then stop that shit. Depression is a state of grey monotony, and if you live life without color, then things will only get worse. Add color to your life by doing new things.

Next, we should all count all of our small win’s and build off of the momentum of winning. For instance, washing your hands, and making your bed. Brushing your teeth is always a huge victory for me before I go to bed. This is because it is the best way to cap off your day and solidify the victory.

Build on the success of your small victories to set yourself up to “win the day”.

Third, do one damn thing at a time! Seriously, stop trying to be Superman. It is okay to be Clark Kent every now and then. Did you know how Clark Kent was a famous and successful journalist because he did one thing at a time and was thorough about it? Depression is a gift due to its ability to harness being thorough.

Fourth of all, treat yourself. But don’t use this card very often as it will create an addiction to depression. When I was severely heartbroken, I bought myself a pair of Air Jordan’s then suddenly, I got over it. But, it still took me a full week.

People feel sorry for themselves and buy things. This creates an addiction to purchasing many unnecessary goods. Only treat yourself once in a blue moon. Use this card wisely.

Next, number five, we will proceed on to the physical activity method. Do I need to explain why exercise is good for you? Do something active two to three times a week when you’re depression kicks in. If you don’t like going to the gym then join a softball league or something along those lines. It will give you something to look forward to once or twice a week.

Six. Well, I need you to take this one seriously. Be goofy. If you’re scared to do that then jump up and down on your bed so no one will see you. Don’t they say, “Dance like nobody is watching”, or something like that? Seriously, I need you to be goofy for me.

Number seven, drink a lot of water. I cannot emphasize this enough! We are made of water, if we are dehydrated then we will always feel like a cactus; dried up.

Buy a water bottle with a bright color, and always have it filled at all times. Whenever you see your water bottle please make sure that you take a sip out of it.

Moving forward to number eight, when you are depressed, make sure you close whatever chapter that you are going through and move on. This is because you have written one chapter. Can you go and rewrite your past? No, so move on.

Being depressed is a waste of time, yet we all have it. We all do it. I’m not perfect. Hell, I was depressed last week. Now, I am happy because I told meadowlarks that I am not depressed.

You gotta tell the birds off.

Number nine, number nine. Create a strategic winning routine to propel yourself to a successful happier day.

Last, do your duty. If you can wake up, do the small things, and stick to your winning routine then you can beat depression fairly quick. If you do your duty of taking care of your responsibilities then you will feel better. This requires major mental toughness and will. So, if you are depressed and it keeps you from going to school, work, or to an engagement then that is no excuse. Do your duty.

These things are ways that I beat depression in two weeks or less. Sometimes it will beat it in a day.

Don’t be depressed. Life is short. It is really just a waste of time.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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