Minnesota, The Opening Act of Spring is Here.

There he is, Mr. Sunshine, here to melt all of our Minnesota winter blues all away. Be careful though, because you may slip on the icy sidewalks of Minneapolis’ slippery spring, due to all of Old Man Winter’s snow that is melting away. Yes, it is March and the birds are singing and ringing in. This is the opening act of spring, a time where our aura begins to change.



Minneapolis Rose Garden.


The season of new life has a pattern of changing the Minnesotan culture every year at around this time. People are smiling more, spending more time outside, and overall we are in a better mood because of the excitement that was contained during the long cold crisp winter. Primitively speaking, this is due to the changes in nature that inspire hope, happiness, and the positive changes that spring brings.

Beside the point, as the weather gets warmer, we go crazier.

Yes, that is right. Crime rates are going to go up, clearance sales are beginning at malls, rose (wine) sales are beginning to take off, and baseball season is right around the corner. As we transition to the summer, many of us will be hitting the gym more diligently to achieve that nice beach body physique for the summer. This is so that us millennials can be confident about non-narcissistically posting all of our partying pictures on Instagram of us acting like we live the T-Pain and Kanye West, “Good Life”, on Lake Minnetonka from our parent’s boats.

Yes, we have survived the dark stumbling months of winter from October till now. It is time to party, and fiesta season starts on St. Patrick’s day and the holidays will ensue until Labor Day, the day where the summertime partying mania will end for us Minnesotans.

Be careful, slow down, because it will all end in a blink of an eye, and then we will begin to burrow our way back to winter. Girls will be breaking out their sundresses that have been hanging in their closets for the past nine months, and all the boys can finally wear bro-tanks, snapbacks, Ray-bans and all of that basic jazz. The beer will be cold, the summertime bars will open their rooftops and windows, and last we will all be wound up into our idiosyncratic summertime romances.

What we look forward to with summer around the corner is unfolding like a Shakespearian opening act, spring. With that, there comes tragedy, such as days that devastate us with snowstorms in March and April that deflates all of our hope for the new season. But, there will be many more days that inspire hope, with glorious sunshine, and furious lust that the sun will thresh upon us that will lead into the climax of the summertime mania that Minnesota is stumbling into.

On this snowy day, let us step outside and not be afraid, power through this storm and go down to your local pub, raise our glasses to the opening act of spring. Straighten our backs and break the ole winter barricades, and celebrate our spring with a Minnesotan parade.

Let’s stay inspired on this snowy day because it will all go away. So, remember that it is the opening act of spring because the birds are ringing in.

Welcome, springtime. It is about time you showed up and opened the act for the main headliner, called “Summertime Mania”.


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel 

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