Be More Kind.

Mankind seems to have this addiction for hatred, violence, destruction, tragedy and the rest of the overpour from Pandora’s box. As of now, history has been shooting at us over and over again, repeating itself at a perpetually faster rate and we have no one to blame but ourselves. The media Philistines in today’s world seem to only highlight the dismaying disgust to get ratings, and by doing so it creates a huge ripple effect, influencing people of all ages. Monkey see, turn into a Gorilla and do. The worst part of this is that we glorify these terrible actions not only through the media but in film, literature, music, and every other medium. But, no one glorifies or takes the time of this simple and small of being more kind.

Clive James, who is fighting terminal cancer is a famous Australian writer that wrote in his poem, Lecons Des Tenebres, “I should have been more kind. It is my fate to find this out, but find it out too late.”

Look at any painting that was designed by an unknown local artist, and it is almost easier to say how bad that this specific painting is while sounding intelligent. It is nearly five times harder to say something constructively intelligent that compliments the painting in a very knowledgeable fashion. Why? Well, because it is easier to hate something or someone than to love. Mankind is now living in a world that is losing its mind, so this is why we should stop and be more kind.


If we did, then the ludicrousness that we see every day would be saner. But, we need to start now because our actions flow from the ones who watch us, which are the very impressionable children.

It seems like everyone everywhere is raising walls or tearing them down right now because it is easier to protect and destroy than to be cordial, inviting, and compassionate for others. We shouldn’t be building or destroying walls because we should be building skyways, doors, and bridges to welcome the idea of developing our own humanity’s connection, in a rapidly connecting world.

If terror has grown at an insurmountable rate since The Great War (WWI), then why hasn’t our altruistic affection for aiding humanity developed? Sure, it has developed to a minor degree, but not on a smaller personal level between people in everyday life, which would majorly impact the grand macro scale. For example (roll with this), it is much easier for an actor in a Hollywood movie to play a vicious vindictive villainous role than to play the wholesome protagonistic hero.

We should remember the acronym BAGG, “Be a good guy (girl)”. This should all be engrained in our minds, as we should try to be more kind because we are all actors in this movie that we call “Life”, and it is much harder to win an Oscar playing the good guy.

“God damn it, you’ve got to be kind,” wrote author Kurt Vonnegut.

Imagine if the media Philistines changed their approach on what they covered and how they spun stories and focused on the good, rather than the bad and the ugly. The influence of children would change dramatically and their future actions would be different, possibly leading to greater things. Hence, why we need to be more thoughtful to children. Moreover, children need to be more sympathetic to one another as well, and teachers have to pay more attention to help guide them to be better humans. Moreover, children need to be more kind to one another as well, and teachers have to pay more attention to help guide them to be better humans. We need to stop yelling, hitting, abandoning, and raising children in toxic environments that expose them to such terrors of the world. This right here, along with the media gives greater power to the future actions than we think. But if we are more thoughtful, we can ensure the type of confidence that the world will be in good hands after our generation leaves it.

Does anybody know what is going on anymore? Everyone is trying to fix things with hammers and drill bits in their hands, and we can’t do that anymore. What we need to do is to grow the idea of positive affirmation for one another. Put those hammers down, stop building these walls, and or destroying them whether if it is a micro or macro circumstance.

At the end of author Aldous Huxley’s life, he said: “It’s a little embarrassing that after 45 years of research and study, the best advice I can give people is to be a little kinder to each other.”

Kindness is easier than we think it is. You wouldn’t be mean to a child, right? Yet, as adults we still are. So, let’s be better for our future because when children grow older, their future selves are a huge reflection of what our present actions are.

How would you feel if something that you said to a teenager influenced them to drop out of school, or lead to them down the wrong path? Think about what your actions may cause towards someone and then in the future you find out that what you may have exposed someone to turned out to detriment their life.

I try to think about this notion every day, as the best I can. The wiser and older that I become, with more experiences, seeing, reading and writing that I have done, it has become more of a realization to me that more kindness is the only thing that comes out in the wash at the end of the human lifespan.

Now is time to take action. With our words, we can give three compliments a day to three different people. With our actions, we can make one small gesture of grand kindness. We can always take the time to help one person in need every day. If you can do those five little acts of kindness every day, then it can be a contagious virus that can slowly destroy all of the hatred in the world. We can prevent future tragedies and mishaps by starting with ourselves, spreading graciousness to the people within our own circles.

Right now the world is losing its mind and the only way that we can stop this is to become sane is to be more kind.

Remember, “The Zos Knows”. 

-David Zosel

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