Celebrate the Every Day’s Little W’s with Subtle Proud Fist Pumping.

As winter is coming in the Midwest and specifically, Minnesota daylight hours dwindle down at four o’clock in the afternoon. With minimal sunlight hours and lack of a natural source of Vitamin D, the human energy level is gravely different from our summertime counterparts. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is lurking amongst many, preventing most to stay productive as our summertime maniacal energies begin to diminish. Most importantly in Minnesota, our attitudes and lifestyles change drastically. Putting that aside, if you are suffering from depression or if you are just down and out about any hardship ridden circumstance, there is a concept that needs to be emphasized not only for winter time but in day-to-day life in general.


It is absolutely imperative that you can recognize the small “W’s” in your daily routine. Celebrate them with honor.

Every time you create a small “win” situation, give yourself a high-five, fist pump, bust a dance move out, or dab. If you’re too embarrassed to do those things then simulate them in your mind. Think of the acronym ACE, “Always Celebrate Everything”.

Mental health may be a part of it or not, but if you are suffering from daily lethargicness, a key is to salvation is find “W’s” towards the little things in life. For instance, make your bed, do your dishes, take out the trash, or delete all of your junk emails. Doing laundry while working on something productive is a major win-win situation for a stimulating brain boosting momentum.


This is just the mental side of things but on the physical end it is important that you get exercise, take vitamins, eat healthily, and most of all use a SAD lamp to provide a natural energy boost for yourself.

It is absolutely imperative that you can recognize the small “W’s” in your daily routine, rather than being oblivious to them.

Celebrate them with honor, pride, and integrity.

This will provide copious amounts of energy and momentum for your day, further setting up the opportunity to win the week. Treat every week as if it were a seven-game playoff series. If you can four out of seven days during the week then you are on to the next playoff round; next week. If you lose the week, well, then you still get to play the game of life in the following week. But the secret is to absolutely dominate the week by winning Monday through Thursday because it will enable you to enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Celebrating your little “W’s” boosts mental health stimulation, morale, and can get your wheels turning to provide the daily confidence during your week. Make your bed, breakfast and brush your teeth because it is time to win the day.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in, and day-out through accomplishing the little deed; this is the exact morale boost that we need.

Remember, “The Zos Knows”. 

-David Zosel

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