Always Take Your Friend to the Airport.

“Sorry, guys. I have to leave early to get to bed so that I can drop off my buddy at the airport at four in the morning,” said the loyal friend.

“Oh, come on. Just have him call an Uber or a Lyft and stay out with us,” replied by the fool.

I strongly believe in always dropping off and picking up your friends at the airport.

When your friend tells you that they are going on a vacation, volunteer yourself to take them to the airport.

It’s simple.

If your friend asks, say yes.

There should be no hesitation, and that is that.

Personally, I find the whole airport experience a true test of friendship because of the stressful nature that the both of you are put in with each other.

Coming out on top with this task puts you over a huge hurdle only strengthens your friendship. This courteous action is small but is always received with graciousness.

On the front end, there is just a beauty in taking someone to the airport because of the adventure. There is something about the subtle setting, weather, excitement, and anxiousness that fills the car with a silent pandemonium that is just ever so noticed.

Afterall, the person next to you is relying on you to get them to a place on time so that they can get on a giant bird to fly off to a foreign land.

That is a lot of pressure. Can you rely on a Lyft or Uber driver to get you to the airport if you are running a little late or hit a traffic jam? I will let that be a rhetorical question for everyone to debate.

Seriously, would a ride service driver put the pedal to the medal at 100 mph on the shoulder of the highway for you?


But, I would because I care about my friends getting to the airport on time.

The conversations provide butterflies prior to the drop-off. Hearing about your friend’s excitement about their trip, what their plans are, or what type of adventure they are trying to embark on is worth the gesture. It could also be quite the opposite as well as some people are afraid of flying.

No matter the circumstance, at the end of the day you are helping someone out and that is all that matters.

Personally, I always get nervous for my friends after I drop them off. Airplanes do not bring a 100% guarantee of the notion of safe travels.

When your friend closes that door and heads to the check in desk, that could be the last time you see your friend whether if something goes awry on the plane or if that is the last time that you will be seeing them for a while.

Isn’t there just something is bittersweet about that?

On the contrary, picking up a friend from the airport is just as dazzling. Your friend is tired from a long day of traveling and what better for them to see a familiar face?

Maybe they are visiting, coming home, getting back from a business trip or vacation; there is always a lot to talk about. When you pick up your friend because you’re the first person that they are going to talk to face to face about their time away.

Whenever I do this, I always take that friend out for dinner or drinks afterward. If it is early in the morning, I always get them coffee or McDonald’s breakfast. Think about it, you need to celebrate the fact that your friend got on a steel bird, flew in the air and landed safely.

Whenever you pick up your friend at the airport you are celebrating life and a reunion of a friendship.

There is a beautiful bond in this gesture that never goes unappreciated. Traveling is hard and getting a little support doesn’t hurt.

Helping someone makes the world better a little by little.

Always take your friend to the airport.

Remember, “The Zos Knows”. 

-David Zosel

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