Our Path That Follows.


The Oxford dictionary defines the word, “anxious” as:
Feeling or showing worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.

Anxiety Ensues the Thoroughfare:

Latin has some wicked smart phrases. “Quo Vadis” has always been one that has stuck with me asking, “Where are you going?”

That is the true question, isn’t it? But, it also provides anxiety due to the wonders of what the light or darkness that will reveal itself to be.

The most exciting entity of life is the journey of one’s self. There are two mindsets when it comes to this ideology. One having tunnel vision, being so focused to reach one’s ambitions. The other is being an ambitious wandering soul that eventually get’s back on track after their sojourn from the beaten path.


Every highway has exits leading to other roads. Some decide to drive to their destination directly to their objective. Other’s take detours to explore new roads of their lives.

The road isn’t straight and narrow for me. I am a thrill seeker that loves to explore culture, people, vocations, and philosophies. But, if the undertaking does not excite me then I’ll head onward the road north once more, never looking back.

A lot of us stray from the path that follows. Whereas, straight forward minded people see the end game better than those who are free spirited pirates.

There is no right or wrong of how we take our steps towards our final destination. A great example is athletes who represent people as ones who are focused towards their ending ambition versus artists-entrepreneurs, representing the “roaming Globetrotters” that stray away only to come back again once they find their path towards their final destination.

The world needs both in order to survive.

Either way, it doesn’t matter how we get there because we all eventually will see the light or the darkness at the end of the road because both school’s of thought have different ideas of ambition.

There needs to be a slight touch between the both mindsets because there is an anxiousness of where we want to go and how we will arrive.


Getting thrown off a 1,100 pound bull in Arizona.


Under the philosophy of Yin (dark) and Yang (light), there needs to be a dab of both for the two outlooks on the path that follows.

Focused-strait and narrow people need to find the Yang to open their mind’s to other sensations. It is okay to explore the dangers of their fear of dark cheap thrills before seeing the light at the end.

Whereas for drifter’s like myself, we need to find that slight stroke of Yin because we are afraid of the darkness that may lurk at the cusp. This is why we have tendencies to stray away on different exits of the highway to obtain new forms of light because of the fear of darkness. Eventually, one day we will not stray away from the darkness that may lurk at the end.

This is why we must become the hybrid travelers for the path that follows.


After observing people’s motives, I have come to a vast conclusion that a lot of people want “pretty or shiny” at the end of their highway. The “pretty” car or “shiny” television and etc.



King Louis XVI


Opulence was created by monarch’s to show status. It’s too bad that for the duration of history, we have tried to emulate terrible rulers and conquerors.

This is not the road for me at all but, if it is for you then take it.

All I want the most is life experiences. This is an addiction, making me yearn for more. This is why I will continue to take those exits and visit situations until I can find my purpose.

Saying, “yes”, to most situations may sound like a risky outlook on life. But, I know it will serve me well.



“Zos, Seeker of Thrills”


If ever I stray too far from the path that follows, please grab my ear and drag me back to the road so I can continue writing for y’all.


Do not let the anxiousness fear you from the thoroughfare because eventually, we’ll find our true purpose.

Follow the Chinese philosophy because balance is the key.

If you’re all about the destination then don’t take the road. Get a good travel agent and book a flight.

Remember, “The Zos Knows”. 

-David Zosel

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