“The Curse of Death Row” Could Stand Between the Astros and The World Series.

Major League Baseball is filled with riddling curses that seem to plague the success and luck for several franchises throughout its history. Some are emphasized and others are barely acknowledged. If the chips fall crisply towards the way of the Houston Astros tonight in game seven versus the LA Dodgers, then the state of Texas will have its first ever World Series title in the history of its statehood.

Why is this important you may ask? Texas has been riddled with bad luck in terms of success towards baseball. Despite all the great teams, hall of famers, all-stars, Cy Young winners, league MVP’s and so on. The two teams (Houston Astros and Texas Rangers) have been cursed because of the drastic actions through the notorious practice of the execution of its prisoners and convicts.


Despite that, both franchises have played in four World Series since 2005. From the year 2000, the turn of the century, there have been 345 inmates executed on death row in the Lone Star State. This may be one of the up and coming curses in Major League Baseball today that is not really taken into consideration, but “The Curse of Death Row” may play a factor in tonight’s ball game.

In my lifetime I have seen the Red Sox, Cubs, and Braves overcome their adversities of their franchise histories. Cleveland could come next, but could the Astros nip this slow spiraling curse in the butt before it gets out of hand?

Tonight is the night that the city of Houston holds its breath. After the city was distraught by the travesty of the hurricane that struck, Houston needs something to cheer for. They need a morale boost that can keep them going. On the flip side to this coin, “The Curse of Death Row” could be standing in the Astros way tonight against the LA Dodgers.

What happens tonight could determine the fate of Texas baseball for the next one hundred years for what could be misery, or history will be made tonight.

With beaming optimism, tonight is the night that this curse will be broken. Tonight is the night that the garrison of fans will storm the streets of Houston, painting the streets orange and blue. Because tonight is Houstons night, where the millennials run through the streets raging with joy over the pride of its city that they call home.

But, one thing could stop this from happening which is the ensuing Curse of Death Row.

Do it for your city and state.

Go Astros!

Remember, “The Zos Knows”. 

-David Zosel

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