The First Excerpt from My Next Bipolar Memoir: “Summertime Mania”.​

Here is a small excerpt from my up and coming book, “Summertime Mania”, which is the second volume of my series, “Conquering the Gifted Curse of Bipolarism”. This is a real-time memoir of the changes that I go through with prescription medication to aid my Bipolar 1 Disorder. This is a documentation of slowly discovering powerful interior and exterior changes while taking medication. This is extremely personal information where I provide brutal honesty regarding my fears, current life adversity, self-betterment, and the quest for finding balance.



For years I have told my therapist that Kanye West is Bipolar and severely suffers from it. She says that it is illegal for a therapist to diagnose or even talk about someone who isn’t a patient of theirs regarding their mental health.

But, I am not a therapist. I know that someone is Bipolar the minute I meet them because it takes one to know one. Right?



Kanye’s themes of his music has always hinted at us that he has bipolar disorder. His lyrics consist of how he talks about power, hitting his massive lows and highs, talking to God, the level of creativity that he has, and for every album that Kanye has put out he has continually reinvented himself with a new alter ego.

Chronologically, there is the student, dropout, certain alternative lifestyle, graduate, heartbroken, magnum opus genius, God complex, sporadic, and now we Bipolar Kanye West. Simply put, there is Old and New Kanye.

With his history of mental breakdowns, erratic behavior, thinking that he is a God, outrageous spending habits, and genius creativity, Kanye has always given us an inside to mental health.

As I predicted about his bipolar disorder, I know that he will come out with an album in the future that addresses his mental health because he always refers to divinely speaking with God and his superpowers. His lyrics can be contradictory from album to album, and most importantly he reinvented the wheel by using sad music with happy lyrics and vice versa.

These are all significant signs that show that you have the gifted curse of bipolarism.

Last, he has the biggest ego in the world, and so do I. Kanye says that no one is a fan of him and that if you are, that you are indeed a fan of yourself and no one else. This is very true of all bipolar people. We do cool things in life just like Kanye does, and we can never hide anything or fake who we are because that is not how the genetic makeup of how the chemical imbalances of our brains work.

His attitude and arrogance make him so appealing to me because I can relate to him a lot on that aspect.

I am calling the shots, saying that he has Bipolar disorder and with his rapid recurrences of mental breakdowns that he will create an album based on mental health.

When this happens, it will be during the summertime, and he will be producing many works of art. Hence, summertime mania.


This new album will be his new personification, his alter-ego, and the “Newest Kanye 2.0”. Everyone will rethink their opinion on him once he shows his greatest vulnerability.

People with Bipolar disorder are very clairvoyant, and that includes Kanye and me as we have seen in his lyrics time and time again.

When this happens, remember who told you first. The Zos did. So, remember, “The Zos Knows.”


In conclusion, with his new album, “Ye”, being released last Friday (6/1/18), I successfully predicted that he was going to put out an album about mental health. Clairvoyance is one of the many superpowers that bipolar people have.


Kanye’s new album cover. 


“The Zos Knows”

-David Zosel

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