The Robot Vs​. The Dancer.

There are thinkers and feelers, and if we can balance both then we can be unstoppable. Thinkers can crack under pressure when systems go awry causing failure, and so do feelers when variables hit speed bumps and when the routine doesn’t become so routine before.

Imagine a ballet dancer who is world renown, who has danced in Carnegie Hall or some fancy New York City-high tie venue for the past 5 years. She suddenly breaks her ankle during the show. A robot wouldn’t break an ankle. The robot would be perfect. But, the robot makes the spectacle look like an instructional video rather than being a display of prowess and beauty. But, the robot can still malfunction. After watching Super Bowl 52, I began to realize that there are many robotic quarterbacks in the league, and there are many dancers in the league. But the ones who are a hybrid are unstoppable.


Tom Brady, the epitome of success, is a robot. His AFC adversary, Ben Roethlisberger, is a dancer. When Brady dropped that pass it showed us that robots cannot finesse. That is why machines throw to the wide receivers who mirror what a dancer does, which is putting on a spectacle on a grand stage. Brady is well regimented, strategic, and fundamental which shows that he is well engineered. But, when there isn’t enough grease, or if a part malfunctions, then he is broken. Now, let’s look at Cam Newton, a feeler, a hip-hop break dancer who plays quarterback. When he is not feeling it, he is mediocre at best. But, when his rhythm is flowing then he is impossible to stop.

If we can be technical and creative, then we can be unstoppable. This is the ultimate challenge because most people can be one or the other. It is important to acknowledge the notion of balance between using your right and left brain.
Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Russell Wilson all have that intangible of the perfect balance of precision and creativity. When they play with that perfect yin and yang then they are nearly unbeatable.

Be an engineer, be a dancer, be balanced, and become unstoppable.

Now, moving away from the quarterback metaphors, let’s get back to earth.



The Hybrid, The Dancer, and The Robot. 


A robot wakes up and has a regimented routine on how he or she prepares for work. Hit the alarm, get out of bed, shower, make breakfast, puts on clothes and then leaves for work. This is quite the contrary for the dancer. There is no rhyme or reason to the dancer’s madness. The dancer could skip breakfast, shower, or may never get out of bed until noon. He or she may take more time eating breakfast, or sing November Rain in the shower. Who knows!

But, the dancer flows from moment to moment. The dancer doesn’t get stressed but enjoys the intimate moments of making coffee rather than looking at it as another mundane chore. But, the hybrid can make the coffee with the right amount of grounds, the perfect water temperature, all while making eggs and bacon just the right way at the same time. Meanwhile, the hybrid can take a relaxing five-minute shower, while enjoying the ripples of warm water dropping gently on their skin. The hybrid can enjoy the moment and focus on the task at hand, which is a hard feat to master.

Live with routined regiments, and live with passion and flare. Row your boat gently down the river, if you row with the flow then you will arrive at your destination safely and on time. If you row too fast or slow then a part could malfunction or you will lose focus on the destination.

Luckily for the history of mankind, robots and dancers cannot live without one another. A robotic quarterback needs a receiver who can dance in order to succeed. Co-existence has lead to the progression of human civilization. Great literature, dynasties, empires, and enterprises have started with two people who mirror each other in the way that the robot and dancer do.


With an ever-changing world, we need to evolve into hybrids to adapt. Finding balance is the next step. Being tricky either way, it can be a path to success, but equilibrium is the key to being a force to be reckoned with.

Remember, “The Zos Knows”. 

-David Zosel

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