A Rare Encounter with an​ Instagram Model.

First and foremost this article is for men, as I really do not think it would resonate with women who read this. I wrote this from a male’s point of view, with men in mind.

Who are these women that plague seductive pictures on Instagram? This question poses many other questions. The exotic locations, fashionable bikinis, talented photographers, 100 plus thousand followers and product endorsements; where in the hell do these girls and opportunities come from?

For some, it makes the application even more desirable. But this virtual form of lust can be sickening and detrimental for both sexes of humanity. Seeing these exotic and beautiful women taking photos in remotely desirable locations make you wonder how someone can live this lifestyle. Where can you meet women like that or even date someone like that? Who are they? Are they modern day unicorns? The list of questions go on from who is providing this opportunity for them and if they are good people or just narcissists who promote envy and lust.

Screen shot 2017-10-14 at 2.46.36 PM.png

IG @LaurenBonnerOfficial

They can either cause harm or beauty to the world. But what is their interior? Are these Instagram models there to promote beauty, and living extravagant lifestyles? Some men find frustration or depression knowing that this beauty is out there in the world and they cannot obtain such affections.

A young man once had very few engagements that occurred once with a model who promotes herself on Instagram. Her name is Lauren Bonner and at the time she lived in the Upper West Side of Manhattan in a very beautiful apartment building. He only had a few engaging conversations with her as he was staying at her apartment through Airbnb but they were all insightful, full of meaning and revelations.

Despite knowing that she modeled in New York City, the young man didn’t even know about her successes when he met her because of a lot of women model in the concrete jungle.

When he arrived, she was wearing baggy pink sweatpants and she had no makeup on. Her golden hair was a mess as tears slowly were shedding from her eyes as she apologized for being in a bad mood because her boyfriend was being an asshole to her or some other problem that was undisclosed. The blonde haired blue eyed beauty from San Fransisco calmly told the young man that she normally is more friendly and welcoming but that he just caught her at the wrong time.

Screen shot 2017-10-14 at 2.47.14 PM.png

Beauty can be found in any and everything.

People might be critical and say that older men with money fly these models around the world to take pictures to promote products to live this exotic lifestyle and that they only look good because of photoshop. But most people are ignorant and are just so wrong. Beauty is a double-edged sword that way.

The young man spoke with Lauren that night as they talked about photography, traveling, anime, history, the entertainment industry, their careers, films, books, and philosophy. She had a gentle heart and was comfortable with herself which was a very admirable trait that he saw in her, leaving him in shock.

Crash Davis in the film “Bull Durham” admired women who had long legs and brains. Well, she had both of those. She was one of the most intelligent women that his young man had ever met in his life.

She was ever so kind letting him access the fridge that was filled with upscale New York City juices, vegetables, and everything under the sun. Anything in the kitchen now belonged to her and this strange young man in that was staying with her.

Screen shot 2017-10-14 at 2.45.47 PM.png

Intelligence is one of the most desirable aphrodisiacs.

Lauren had a black Bombay cat who was extremely intelligent and was named Calcifer or Cal, named after a character in “Howl’s Moving Castle”, an anime film that she was passionate about. Lauren called him Bubbi and took care of him with all her heart. You could tell that this cat took after his Mother; a spitting image in persona.

She didn’t really speak much about her modeling career besides that she had a major casting role that day. But, the most important part that the young man took out of this was that she was diplomatic, honorable, hospitable, intelligent and ambitious. She may be an Instagram model, but beneath the exterior and fancy photographs, she represented a major empowerment towards not only women but men as well.

But above all, she is just a girl. One who appreciates love and affection, good conversation and the little things in life just like any other girl. The young man realized that she wasn’t a pretty Instagram model or unicorn but that she was a human being who bled the same color blood as he did with the rest of the world.

It just isn’t fair that people comment on these girls photos saying dirty, nasty things about their bodies, financial backing and overall hating on the fact that they live these crazy lives.

Lauren Bonner shows the empowerment of women, and to this young man that everyone, even unicorns have their humanity.

Screen shot 2017-10-14 at 2.52.45 PM.png

She is as real as me and you.

He will never find her as any sort of a love interest in this lifetime or the next. But, the young man will never forget his one encounter with an Instagram model who changed his perspective about people.

People are people, no matter the exterior because the interior is where the power stems from. He learned that no matter how powerful the armor was that we must all have the heart and depth on the inside to wield that power on the outside responsibly.

Screen shot 2017-10-14 at 2.46.18 PM.png

There are many who live vicariously through the mystery.


This man will probably never meet an Instagram model ever again. But, he was blessed with this insightful gift of this encounter that most people do not have. For that is a blessing. It could have been with an old man, a famous athlete, or an actor but she was the one who taught him about the balance of exterior and interior of humanity just through their four interactions while he stayed at her apartment in New York City.

Never once did he ask her about modeling or where she got these opportunities. Even if he could, there would be no need for that because that is not what this story is about.

Remember, “The Zos Knows”. 

-David Zosel

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